Slovakian Mountains » West Tatras » Mlyny Oblazy
Oblazy is set right by the confluence of Borovianky, Hutianky and Raztocianky rivers. It is widely sought place among all becouse of its relaxing atmosphere which every visitor may feel. If you want to learn some of the Liptov history this is the right place. The monument Mlyny oblazy is located in the nice valley Kvacinska dolina. Originaly there had been three mills in Kvacianska dolina. The Horni mlyn, „Gajdosovsky“ had been built in 19th century. The Dolni mlyn , „Brunciakovsky“ had been built by the village Velka Borova. We can see there two mill´s wheel and a sawmill. Today´s saw mill got through a wide reconstruction. The third mill is „Furmanska krcma“ where the local people used to visit a pub with the legend innkeeper Matuga. The mills had been in a very bad condition when conservationists rescued them in 1980. Today´s we can visit them after the complete reconstruction.